Corruption Perceptions Index

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The Corruption Perceptions Index is a composite report prepared by Transparency International which measures the “perceived level of public sector corruption” in 178 countries and territories based on 13 expert and business surveys. In the 2010 index, the Philippines ranked 134th overall, below 75% of all the countries surveyed and last among the ASEAN-6 (see Figure 38). From 2001 to 2003 the Philippines, in terms of percentile rank, was better than Vietnam and Indonesia. Vietnam overtook the Philippines in 2004 and Indonesia in 2008. Figure 39 shows an editorial cartoon published in 2004 when the report was released. In 134th position alongside the Philippines were Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria among others.

Figure 38: Corruption perceptions index, percentile rankings, 1998-2012

Figure 38

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Figure 39: Editorial cartoon published on release day of Corruption Perceptions Index 2004