Regional Business Outlook Survey

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Regional Business Outlook Survey

From 2003 to 2009, the ASEAN Regional Business Outlook Survey of American Chambers of Commerce in ASEAN identified areas of concern where member firms were dissatisfied or extremely dissatisfied. These concerns are listed below in Table 15 with the percentages dissatisfied or extremely dissatisfied.

Table 15: Areas of dissatisfaction, % of respondents, Philippines, 2003-2015

The survey results point to key areas for improvement. Over the seven years of surveys, investors were always extremely dissatisfied with corruption (see Figure 30). Stability in government and political system was the second highest area of concern until 2009 when investors became slightly more dissatisfied with infrastructure. Other areas of dissatisfaction are laws and regulations, local protectionism and tax structure.

Figure 30: Areas of Dissatisfaction in the Philippines from 2003 to 2015
Figure 30

Figure 30: Areas of Dissatisfaction in the Philippines from 2003 to 2015

Source: AmCham Gallup Surveys / ASEAN Business Outlook Surveys

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The survey respondents also indentified areas where they were satisfied or very satisfied (see Table 16). Satisfaction with the availability of trained personnel increased from 57% in 2007 to 77% in 2009.

Table 16: Areas of satisfaction, % of respondents, Philippines, 2003-2014t16

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