Seminar tackles hybrid PPP, G2G transactions

June 19, 2017 at 17:30

Seminar tackles hybrid PPP, G2G transactions

MANILA, Philippines – To capture the opportunities and take full advantage of the administration’s pronouncement they will launch hybrid public-private partnership (PPP) programs and government-to-government transactions to address the infrastructure and procurement needs of the government, it is important for the private sector, national government agencies and local government units to learn how to effectively structure their deals among each other. With the clamor of more organizations to know about this, the Center for Global Best Practices (; Manila tel. 842-7148/ 59 or 556-8968/ 69 or Cebu (032) 512-3106/ 07), is launching a public information campaign through its one-day seminar titled, “Duterte Administration’s Public-Private Partnership Programs: Featuring 24 Hybrid PPPs and G2G Transactions on July 21, 2017 at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong City.

Those from the private sector who knows how to structure their PPP are able to fully profit and take advantage of the new projects up for PPPs.  Those in the government who knows how PPP fully works, are able to speedily implement their own PPPs. This seminar aims to teach participants how to do business with the government from the national to the local levels by understanding the PPP definitions, 24 hybrid PPP modalities, value drivers, relevant laws, policies and procedures and best practices prescriptions on hurdling the 50 risks attending PPPs. This seminar is fully packed with examples and case studies and ways to “future-proof” PPP arrangements.

This program will feature Atty. Alberto Agra, known as one of only two certified PPP specialist and regulation specialist in the world. He served the government as secretary of justice until June 2010. He also held various positions in government as solicitor general and government corporate counsel. He is a strong advocate of PPP and professor of laws (1993 to present) at the Ateneo Law School. He is currently chairman of the Philippine Reclamation Authority.


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