Clark to get new masterplan

June 23, 2017 at 13:00

Clark to get new masterplan

 June 22, 2017
Urban planner Palafox Associates (PA) has been tapped by state-owned firm Clark Development Corp. (CDC) to create the new master development and business plan for the Clark Freeport Zone.

The new master development plan  is aimed to make the Freeport more  “marketable, effective, viable” and in line with the  other developments in Clark, including the Clark International Airport and Green City.

The plan will also incorporate environment friendly “green initiatives” to its current status as a modern industrial estate and a premier service and logistics center, CDC president and chief executive officer Noel  Manankil said in a statement.

Manankil said the plan will consider the expiring 25-year lease contracts of the initial batch of locators, and will be aligned with the thrust of the Duterte administration on infrastructure developments in Central Luzon.

He added  the plan will optimize the development potentials of Clark without compromising the economic, environmental and social integrity of the Main Zone with the surrounding areas.

Aside from Clark, the plan will also consider a total integrated master plan for the entire Corridor (Clark Civil Aviation Complex Area, CFZ, Clark Special Economic Zone and New Green City) and also include Subic-Clark Corridor.

The plan will also include the current land use plan for the Clark airport complex by French firm Aeroport De Paris, in support to the proposed development plans in infrastructure, equipment, and additional flights at Clark airport.

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