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Welcome to Arangkada Philippines

For too long, the Philippines has been described as having an underdeveloped economy of immense potential. In this decade, perhaps more than at any other time, it finds itself on the threshold of vast possibilities. If things remain as they have been, the economy could be stuck in a middle income trap, unable to grow rapidly into the high-income status that is being attained by more and more of its affluent neighbors. However, if crucial improvements are implemented now, the Philippines could be one of the fastest-growing economies in the world over the next several decades and can significantly reduce poverty.

Arangkada is a comprehensive menu of recommendations for the country at this important crossroads. Published in December 2010 by the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in the Philippines (JFC), it reflects proposals of the 2,000 foreign and domestic business members of the JFC who are prepared to invest continuously and heavily in the country and who all envision a brighter future for all Filipinos. For this to happen, however, the business climate must be constantly improved. While still too early to tell its full impact on policy reform, Arangkada has already allowed for more open and dynamic interaction to take place between the business community and government as shown by the support it has received from both sectors.

Through this website, which serves as a benchmarking tool with which global investors can learn more about progressive change as it happens, the JFC intends to provide a fair and balanced look at the business and investment climate of the Philippines. It will also continuously urge all sectors to accelerate the rate of reform paving the way to increased competitiveness, higher productivity, and faster, more inclusive growth. The JFC is committed to ask for and constructively support the changes needed for this to happen in the years to come.