Recommendation (RR)



Recommendations (9)

A. Start to build expressways and national roads twice as fast, using PPPs as well as DPWH funds. Extend expressways North to La Union, North East to Nueva Ecija and South to Batangas, Lucena, and Cavite; extend Manila Skyways and build C-6 in NCR; also Davao to GenSan; Trans Cebu (Danao to Talisay); 3rd Cebu-Mactan bridge; consider Cebu-Bohol bridge (see Table 36). Relieve congestion on national roads by building more and through widening. Cost: US$ 3+ billion (not including national roads). (Immediate, medium and long-term action by NEDA, DOTC, DPWH, NEDA, DTI, and private sector).


Table 38: Targeted expressway and bridge projects, 2011-2020


B. Build large intermodal provincial bus terminals north and south of Manila, near expressways and light rail. Bid out the project as PPP. Prohibit provincial buses from entering the NCR and close their present terminals which congest traffic. (Medium-term action NEDA, DOTC, and private sector)

C. The final national government budget should focus on the core road network. These are highly travelled roads with great economic and social impact. 85-90% of the total road infrastructure budget must be aligned to core roads and only 10-15% to other various projects. (Immediate action NEDA, DBM, DPWH)

D. Major road and rail projects which government decides to be funded as PPPs should be bid out competitively and evaluated and awarded transparently. Unsolicited proposals should be minimized. (Immediate action DOTC, DPWH, NEDA, DTI)


99 Provincial bus operations to and from the North and South will start and terminate at these buses terminals. The light rail system will provide inter-modal connectivity with the metropolis.
100 US$ 190 million for Phase 1, 6-lanes Quezon City to Gapan, Nueva Ecija; subsequent phases will traverse Nueva Ecija north to Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.


E. Strictly use the modern planning tool known as HDM-4 in the identification and prioritization of road infrastructure projects for funding (using objective technical and economic criteria). HDM-4 should be strictly followed in determining amount budgeted for lump sum utilized for rehabilitation, construction, and upgrading of roads. (Immediate action NEDA, DPWH, and line agencies)

F. GRP agencies should post on their websites the list of road and bridge projects programmed for funding, based on HDM-4. They should also post the list of projects actually funded, actual releases, disbursements, and other project milestones on the web. (Immediate action NEDA, DBM, DPWH, and other line agencies)

G. Build intercity rail and urban light rail, especially on Luzon, twice as fast. Accelerate rail construction on Luzon, using PPPs as well as DOTC funds. Complete the MRT-7. Build the LRT-1 south extension, the LRT-2 west and east extensions, complete the Northrail and Southrail projects and their interconnection. Build the MRT-4 and the MRT-8 and a Cebu light rail. Build a high-speed connection between Manila business hubs and Clark airport by 2020. Cost US$ 12+ billion (see Table 37). (Immediate, medium and long-term action by NEDA, DOTC, NEDA, DTI, and private sector)


Table 39: Targeted Intercity and urban light rail projects, 2011-2020


H. Correct the different gauges of the Northrail-Southrail linkage, which is not congruent with the gauge of both Northrail and Southrail projects. The former uses standard gauge, while the latter uses narrow gauge. To go to Southrail from Northrail, commuters will have to transfer trains twice on the linkage line. (Medium-term action DOTC, NEDA, and PNR)

I. Enact an EO to create a single government agency to manage operations, maintenance, and planning of all light rail projects within Metro Manila in order to ensure a seamless rail system. (Immediate action DOTC and LRTA)