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The final section of the Arangkada Philippines 2010 discusses a group of challenges the Philippines faces that are not otherwise discussed in the other sections and makes recommendations accordingly. Most of these issues have been discussed in public in recent years, some from the JFC, but many others from Philippine business groups, several of the Philippine Development Forum Technical Working Groups (PDF-TWGs), the National Competitiveness Council (NCC), and other policy advocates.

These issues complete the picture of the Philippine investment climate and include many of the problems which are highest on lists of concerns in investor surveys, including corruption, laws, judicial decisions, local government actions, and others.

Implementation of recommendations suggested in Part 4, done in parallel with Part 3, will improve the Philippine rankings in the global competitiveness surveys described in Part 2.

Implementation of recommendations will also greatly contribute to achieving the recommended targets in Part 1 of doubling GDP growth to 9%, exports to US$ 100 billion, FDI to US$ 7 billion and reducing unemployment and underemployment, giving Filipinos more options to working at home rather than abroad.

Figure 138: Key problems need to be addressed to generate jobs

Table 56: Number of recommendations in Part 4 of Roadmap 2010