Statement of the Korean embassy on Secretary Aguirre’s remarks on so-called Korean mafia

February 27, 2017 at 11:22

Statement of the Korean embassy on Secretary Aguirre’s remarks on so-called Korean mafia

 (The Philippine Star) 

The Korean Embassy regrets very much that, based on wrong and unfounded information, Secretary Aguirre made some misleading statements involving so-called Korean mafia at the Senate hearing on Feb. 23, 2017.

The Embassy would like to issue clarifications on the following:

First, the Embassy officials did not ask the Secretary to stop any investigations concerning the Korean mafia.

– At the request of the Secretary, the Embassy’s Consul-General and a police attache, together with the widow of the deceased Jee Ick Joo, met with him on Feb. 13. He wanted to clarify the rumor of Mr. Jee’s possible collaboration with an unspecified Korean mafia.

– The Embassy official as well as the wife emphasized that Mr. Jee had lived an honest life as a conscientious businessmen, having no connections at all with any malicious Korean persons. The officials also recalled the PNP’s consistent confirmations that this case has nothing to do with a Korean mafia.

– In response to his inquiry that Mr. Jee was kidnapped twice before, the widow categorically denied it.

– Then Secretary Aguirre promised that the DOJ would not pursue any longer the angle of possible linkage with a Korean mafia in its future investigations into the case.

– On the other hand, the wife asked for the NBI under the DOJ to withdraw from the joint investigation into her husband’s case so that the investigation will not be delayed and proceed speedily.

– With regard to Mr. Kang Tai-shik brought up by him during the meeting, the Embassy officials explained that he is a long-established Korean businessman, who has nothing to do with Mr. Jee’s case.

Second, the Embassy has every confidence that no official has been compromised by Korean mafia. The Embassy asks for any concrete evidence that substantiates his remarks. It would take full responsibility for it, if any.

The Embassy is strongly distressed that this false information could tarnish its honor and reputation. – Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines


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