MAP Supports ECOP Stand on the Proposed 4-Day Workweek
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19 September 2011

The MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES (MAP) supports the stand of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) that employers are in disagreement with the proposed 4-day workweek due to the following:

1. Contrary to one of its preambles, it will not address the unemployment and underemployment problem of 11 million Filipino workers.

2. Without empirical data to support the claim the workers will save billions of pesos in transport fare by reducing one (1) workday per week, the author simply presumes and hopes that workers and families will stay put in their homes on their day off and not be tempted to go “malling.”

3. The bill ignores the risk to workers’ health and safety by ignoring the universal norm (as prescribed by ILO) of eight (8) working hours per day. To cite two (2) specific examples – Manual labor and machine operators working on additional two (2) hours for four (4) days may suffer fatigue and loss of concentration on the job and may endanger their health and life and that of their fellow workers.

4. The bill accepts as fact the unproven benefit of prolonged holiday economics.

5. The country lags in competitiveness ranking and by working only four (4) days a week (albeit compensating with a two hour extension for four (4) nights) while the rest of the world work continuously five (5) or six (6) days a week, it will not be unexpected that we will further slide down in the competitiveness ladder.

6. Workers’ efficiency and productivity may suffer due to fatigue caused by the stressful two-hour extension for four (4) nights and may result in off-spec products.

7. The alleged savings for employers on electricity, water, etc. by compressing the workweek is totally negated by the eight-hour extension for four (4) days.

8. The bill will compel all sectors, public and private, to cut working days to four (4) a week when the global economy, especially the stock markets, are in operation five (5) days a week. ASEAN is working towards integration of markets and the Philippines will be disconnected one (1) day each week should the bill become law.

9. Good intentions alone should never be the only criteria for passing a bill into law. Complete staff work and research must include the analysis on the impact of any bill on the economic, social, business environment and the country’s global competitiveness.

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